Glyde Vanilla Flavoured Condoms (24 Pack)

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Glyde Vanilla Condoms (24 loose packed)


GLYDE Vanilla Condoms give you the delicious taste of classic Vanilla for you to enjoy with your pleasure partner!


Your partner will love the skin on skin feel and irresistible sweet taste of our Glyde Vanilla condoms.

Thinner than a human hair and super durable ensuring you both have the best possible experience every time.

You deserve a condom that not only feels great for yourself, but your partner too.

Glyde condoms feel incredible as we make them with 100% natural latex. They are also Eco sustainable vegan friendly.

We ship fast in plain, unmarked, discreet packaging maintaining your anonymity

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  • Thin and Ultra Sensitive
  • Delicious Vanilla Flavour
  • Transparent Vanilla Colour
  • Premium Lubrication
  • Standard 53mm nominal width
  • Eco sustainable vegan friendly
  • 100% natural latex
  • Reservoir end
  • Fast Australia Post Shipping (Plain Packaging)



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