Bulk Glyde Condoms

GLYDE HEALTH manufactures the highest quality, vegan friendly, sexual health products including latex and non-latex condoms. We are a Glyde Health preferred supplier/distributor in Australia. Contact us today for wholesale pricing or to set up a wholesale account.

Q: What are the benefits of buying Glyde condoms in bulk?

A: Buying Glyde condoms in bulk offers cost savings, ensures you always have a supply on hand, and is convenient for regular users, healthcare providers, and organizations promoting safe sex practices. Glyde condoms are also vegan and ethically produced.

Q: Are bulk Glyde condoms the same quality as those sold in smaller packs?

A: Yes, bulk Glyde condoms are the same high-quality, vegan, and ethically produced products as those sold in smaller packs. They meet the same rigorous safety and reliability standards.

Q: What types of Glyde condoms are available in bulk?

A: Bulk Glyde condoms are available in various types, including Ultra (standard fit), Maxi (larger fit), Slimfit (snug fit), and flavored options like Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, and Wildberry.

Q: How should I store bulk Glyde condoms to maintain their quality?

A: Store bulk Glyde condoms in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, and sharp objects. Proper storage helps maintain their integrity and effectiveness until the expiration date.

Q: Are bulk Glyde condoms suitable for people with latex allergies?

A: Glyde condoms are made from natural latex and are free from harmful chemicals and casein, making them suitable for those with latex sensitivities. However, individuals with severe latex allergies should consider non-latex options.

Q: Where can I buy bulk Glyde condoms in Australia?

A: Bulk Glyde condoms are available at online retailers like Condomsales.com.au. Purchasing online offers a wide selection, cost savings, and discreet delivery options.

Q: Are Glyde condoms environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, Glyde condoms are made from sustainably sourced latex and are certified vegan. The company focuses on ethical manufacturing practices, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.