Femidom Female Condoms

GLYDE Femidoms are the newest female condom in Australia, made to keep you safe from STI’s and protected from the possibility of pregnancy. Increase your intimate experience with femidom female condoms, the pinnacle of comfort, protection, and empowerment. This innovative condoms offer unparalleled reliability and freedom for both partners. Shop now for a unique and liberating experience in safe, satisfying intimacy. Order yours today!

GLYDE HEALTH offer the newest female condom available in Australia - the Femidom FC2. Made from soft, non-latex materials, the GLYDE Femidom is 17cm long and provides effective protection from both STI’s and the possibility of pregnancy.

With a sensual and natural feel, it’s strong but not obtrusive. An inner ring allows the FC2 Femidom to stay comfortable and secure, giving you invaluable protection during sex.

The female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intimacy, to avoid any awkward break in natural spontaneity.

And it can even be used with both water and oil based lubricants - including the popular GLYDE Premier Lubricant.

GLYDE HEALTH are an Australian company who’re committed to providing Australia with the very best in sexual health products. They’re our number one choice when it comes to safe sex products that keep sex pleasurable.