Glyde Lubricants

GLYDE Lubricants get sex running smoothly! Their fabulous formula produces a sheer, water based lubricant which is silky light. It is clear, non staining and paraben free. Premier Lube is our number one choice fora silky smooth lubricant.

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GLYDE Lubricant keeps sex satisfying. GLYDE’s popular Premier lubricant is our favourite, made through sustainable Vegan methods with a winning formula.

That’s the promise of GLYDE HEALTH, to provide environmentally friendly health products that make sex great! GLYDE is an Australian company providing Australia with top quality sexual health products that’re made to keep you safe in the bedroom.

Premier Lube is silky not sticky. Clear and non-staining. What’s more it’s water based and naturally PH balanced, so better for your natural wellbeing, working with your body’s natural chemistry.

Keep your lube natural! GLYDE Premier lubricant is our top choice, and perfect for getting things running smoothly and sensually! Buy your handy 100ml bottle today from CondomSales.