Regular Size Condoms

Experience comfort and reliability with our regular size condoms. Designed to provide a secure fit and natural feel, our condoms offer peace of mind during intimate moments. Perfect for those seeking a standard size option, our regular condoms ensure both safety and pleasure.

We have the broadest range of condoms in Australia listed below.  All the best brands - Ansell, Durex, Four Seasons and Glyde condoms at the best prices and with fast, discreet shipping.

Q: What are regular size condoms?

A: Regular size condoms are designed to fit most men comfortably. They are the standard size offered by most brands and provide effective protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Q: How do I know if regular size condoms are right for me?

A: Regular size condoms are suitable if they fit snugly without feeling too tight or too loose. If you have never had issues with condom fit or comfort, regular size condoms are likely a good choice.

Q: What brands offer regular size condoms?

A: Most major condom brands, such as Durex, Trojan, LifeStyles, and Ansell, offer regular size condoms. These brands provide a variety of options to ensure comfort and reliability.

Q: Are regular size condoms available in different types?

A: Yes, regular size condoms come in various types, including ultra-thin, ribbed, studded, flavored, and extra-strong. This variety allows you to choose a condom that meets your specific preferences and needs.

Q: Can I use lubricants with regular size condoms?

A: Yes, you can use water-based or silicone-based lubricants with regular size condoms to enhance comfort and reduce friction. Avoid oil-based lubricants as they can weaken the condom material and increase the risk of breakage.

Q: Are regular size condoms comfortable to wear?

A: Regular size condoms are designed to provide a comfortable fit for most men. They should fit snugly without causing discomfort or slipping off during intercourse.

Q: Where can I buy regular size condoms in Australia?

A: Regular size condoms are widely available at pharmacies, supermarkets, and online retailers like Purchasing online offers convenience, a wide selection, and discreet delivery options.