Shipping Terms

The following terms relating to the shipping of products have been copied from point #4 in our terms of use page, which you may also visit to view our complete Terms of Use.

4 Shipping

4.8 All Australian Purchase Orders will be packaged in plain Australia Post packaging (such as pre-paid Parcel Post or Express Post satchels). We will not make any reference to this Website or the products purchased. International Purchase Orders will also be plain packaged but we must declare the nature of the goods on the customs declaration form.

4.9 We do not offer any free shipping options at this time.

4.10 Once we receive payment (including any applicable shipping costs) in full, we will ship your Purchase Order as soon as reasonably possible (and, provided that all items in your Purchase Order are in stock, your Purchase Order will be shipped within two Business Days) in the manner that you select at the Checkout. We will send an email to the email address you provided advising that your Purchase Order has been shipped and, where applicable, the tracking number of your parcel, which you may be able to track via Australia Post.

4.11 Please note that your Purchase Order will be delivered to the person named in the Purchase Order or Account at the postal address provided. If you use a pseudonym in your dealings with us, please be aware that your Purchase Order may be returned to us as an undeliverable item. We will not accept any responsibility for any undeliverable items.

4.12 In the event that we receive a returned, undeliverable item, marked with ‘return to sender’ or words of other like meaning, we will contact you by email at the email address that you have provided to us. You may request that the item be re-sent, provided only that you pay us the additional postage and handling fees which are applicable to the re-sending of your Purchase Order.

4.13 In the event that we receive the same item returned as an undeliverable item more than once, or you are unable to be contacted by email in circumstances where clause 4.12 applies, we will cancel your Purchase Order and refund the price of your Purchase Order, less any shipping expenses we have incurred in making attempted deliveries.


4.14 You acknowledge that the delivery of your Purchase Order is outside of our reasonable control once your parcel has been shipped. As such, we cannot guarantee the timely delivery of your Purchase Order. However, in the event that your Purchase Order does not arrive within fourteen (14) days of the date that the date of the email advising that your Purchase Order has shipped, please contact us and we will use our reasonable efforts to attempt to resolve this issue.

4.15 However, you acknowledge and agree that we will not be liable for, and you will hold us harmless from any losses or damages occurring which is caused by, or which arises as a natural consequence of, any late, lost, stolen or undelivered parcels, or international parcels that have been purchased with the "no tracking" shipping option.