How to Check Condoms for Safety

How to Check Condoms for Safety

Posted by Kenny Condom on Jun 25, 2015

We have been selling condoms online in Australia for over twenty years. Yes: that’s right. We were in at the beginning of the Internet. We have been doing this a long time. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, safest condoms on the marketand doing it discreetly. But it is important that you learn how to check your condoms to make sure they are safe. Here are the best ways.

Buy High Quality Condoms From a Trusted Source

There is a reason we have been in business for twenty years: we satisfy our customers, over and over, day after day, year after year. From the very beginning, we made a commitment to providing only the best quality condoms to our customers.

High quality condoms may cost a little more, but they are worth it. The failure rate for everyone else on condoms is 2%. Thanks to our own quality control and our efforts to educate our customers, our rate is very close to 0%. Not only that, high quality condoms feel better. They help provide a better experience for both you and your partner.

Check the Expiration Date

Don’t ever use an expired condom. Always check the date on the package to make sure yours hasn’t expired. Condoms that are older than their expiration date can turn brittle and dry, causing them to lose their elasticity and break easily. If your condom is too dry or too sticky, it is probably too old.

Check the Packaging

Make sure the packaging is still in new condition. If a condom has been stored wrong, such as in a wallet or a car, it can sustain damage from the heat and from abrasion. If there are any tears or holes in the package, the condom probably has a tear or a hole, too.

Check the Condom

If the condom has tears in it, it is obviously not good. If it is too sticky or too dry, it may be too old and should be discarded. Something you might not know: the condom should have an air bubble in it. If it doesn’t, there is a good chance it is broken. Better safe than sorry.

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