Three Best Ways to Ruin Your Condoms

Three Best Ways to Ruin Your Condoms

Posted by Kenny Condom on Jun 18, 2015

If you are going to buy condoms anywhere in Australia, you need to protect them from the harsh climate. You may love the warm weather, but your condoms want to be cool and protected from the elements. You also need to protect them from accidental tearing and should find a way to do it discreetly.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand this and store their condoms in a way that ruins them. If you are lucky, you will realise that you are using a ruined condom. If you are not lucky, you may not like the consequences. Here are the three best ways to ruin your condoms.

Method #1: Store Them in Your Wallet

We know: your wallet is the most convenient place to store a condom. It allows you to always have one on hand for “emergencies.” Unfortunately, your wallet is the worst place to store a condom for a number of reasons. Your wallet takes a lot of wear and tear in a day. It is exposed to different temperatures all day.

Your body heat combines with Australian climate to make it even hotter for your condom. When you move your body, sit down, stand up and whatever else you do, it can cause friction on your condom. All of these can break it down. Besides, it can be sorta embarrassing if your condom falls out of your wallet while you are at the front of the line in a store.

Method #2: Keep Them in Your Car

It gets hot in your car: even hotter than in your wallet. This prolonged exposure to heat can break your condom down easily. We know it’s perfect otherwise: your car is discreet and you can always have a condom handy. Sadly, it just doesn’t work.

Method #3: Keep Them in Your Freezer or Refrigerator

Freezing condoms are as bad for them as making them too hot. You want them to be in a cool, dry place, but not a refrigerator or freezer.