Why Condom Shapes Matter

Why Condom Shapes Matter

Posted by Kenny Condom on Sep 17, 2015

If you are looking to buy condoms online and you are here, you have probably noticed that we carry a lot of different brands, shapes and sizes. In a pinch, as long as it doesn’t fall off, any size condom is preferable to none at all. But for regular, repeated use, you really should choose the shape and size that are right for you.

Why is Shape Important?

Condom Shapes

A condom that has the right shape not only provides more comfort, but is less likely to fail. The most important factor is the right width at the base of the penis. Some men are wider at the base than they are at the head, which would make a tapered fit the best way to go.

So, how do you know if you need something different? Most people are adept at finding the right width on the base. If the fit at the head is too tight or too loose, you need a different shape. Other “problem spots” can show up, too, causing occasional slippage or discomfort. With the variety of condoms that are currently available, there really isn’t any excuse for yours not fitting you perfectly.

Here are a few different types by shape.

Straight Condom

This is the “old standby.” When condoms were invented in the 1930’s, they were straight. Today, most are made with a width of 52-54mm from the bottom to the top. Most thin condoms and latex-free condoms are straight.

A flare shaped condom is wider at the base than it is at the head. The head is usually anatomically shaped. These are the easiest condoms to put on and are becoming more popular.

Large Headroom or Comfort Fit

The most common shape is a head of 56mm with the rest of the condom tapering to the 52-54mm size of the base.

Tapered Head or Close Fit

A close fit condom tapers in at the head. They are popular for those who like a tight feel on the head. Men who have the experience of standard condoms feeling “too loose” usually prefer the close fit after trying it.

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