Picking the Right Type of Condom

Posted by Kenny Condom on Nov 14, 2014

The right condom can enhance your sexual experience and that of your partner. How to choose wisely.

The right type of condom can make a world of difference in your sexual experience. We recommend experimenting with a lot of different types. Some people like variety and use different types regularly while others find their “sweet spot” with one particular type. Here are a few ideas.

Enhancing Sensation

One of the most common complaints about those who refuse to use condoms is that they reduce sensation. If you find that your sensation is being reduced, you could try one of the many products designed to enhance sensation. Some condoms are designed with a baggier head and top of the shaft to encourage more friction.

Ultra-thin or Zero from Ansell or Skyn Original are manufactured to provide as close to a natural experience as possible.

Lasting Longer

If you want to last longer, consider performance-enhancing or desensitising condoms. They usually have a small amount of benzocaine in them. This reduces sensation to the penis, which delays orgasm for the male.

More Pleasure for Your Partner

Ribbed condoms can provide more pleasure for your partner. We also carry Four Seasons Studs and Ribs which provides a lot of textural variation for your partner.

Oral Sex

Flavoured condoms are recommended for oral sex. Otherwise, the condom is going to taste like pure latex, which most people are going to agree doesn’t taste good. There are plenty of flavours to make oral sex a pleasure for you and a lot more fun for your partner.

Size Matters

Refer to our post on condom size for specifics. Generally, the size of your condom can make a difference in the amount of pleasure you derive out of your sexual experience. Experiment to find the perfect size for you.

Practise, Practise, Practise

Finding the right type of condom takes a lot of practice and a lot of experimenting. Don’t be afraid to try something new. The right condom can make a huge difference in the quality of your sexual experience.