Uses for Non-Lubricated Condoms in the Medical Industry

Uses for Non-Lubricated Condoms in the Medical Industry

Posted by Kenny Condom on Apr 24, 2017

Non-lubricated condoms are used in the medical industry for ultrasound and other forms of medical imaging. For ultrasound probes and similar devices, many medical facilities use commercial probe covers. However, commercial probe covers have been found to be more prone to “leakage” than condoms are.

Non-lubricated Condom Ultrasound Probe

The probe is supposed to be kept dry and is to never make contact with the inside of the vagina or anus. This protects the equipment and protects the patient from contamination. However, the commercial probe covers are proving to have a leakage rate from between 9% to as high as 81%. Meanwhile, condoms have a leakage rate of from 0.9% to 2%.

Bottom line: condoms have an acceptable quality level six times as high as those of standard examination gloves and are from nine to forty times more reliable than commercial probe covers. All it takes is for the probe to be disinfected before use every time and condoms used as the cover for maximum levels of safety and least likelihood of contamination on either end.

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