Do You Like GLYDE Condoms? Get Them Wholesale Here.

Do You Like GLYDE Condoms? Get Them Wholesale Here.

Posted by Kenny Condom on Feb 23, 2017

If you are looking for GLYDE Condoms wholesale, you are in the right place. We currently carry ten different kinds of GLYDE Condoms in packages of 100 each at wholesale prices. We sell condoms wholesale to community organisations, brothels and retailers, but you don’t have to be a business or organisation to benefit from buying GLYDE Condoms wholesale. For someone who is sexually active, it makes sense to buy quantities of 100 or more.

GLYDE Condoms Wholesale: What’s Available.

GLYDE makes condoms in different sizes, from slim fit (49mm) to maxi fit (56 mm). They also make condoms in many flavours to make oral sex more pleasurable for the “giver.” All GLYDE products are vegan-friendly, with no meat byproducts.

All products from are shipped in plain Australian Post registered satchels. There is no reference to the website or the products purchased anywhere on the satchels.

Here’s a quick look at what we have available.

GLYDE Slim Fit 49mm Condoms

100% latex, smooth surface, reservoir fit. They are only 55 microns thick and go through a double wash process so they don’t leave an aftertaste.

GLYDE Slim Fit 49mm Red Condoms

These are exactly the same as the above condom, but they are red.

GLYDE Ultra 53mm Condoms

For those who are slightly above average. They are made out of the same, vegan-friendly, 55 micron thick latex as other GLYDE condoms are.

Glyde Wholesale 100

GLYDE Maxi 56mm Condoms

This is our largest condom. They are made of the same material and with the same features as the other sizes. There is just more condom to love.

GLYDE Flavoured Condoms

GLYDE Flavoured Condoms come in five different flavours: Strawberry, Vanilla, Wildberry, Cola and Blueberry. Those who like oral sex usually have a lot of fun with any of our flavoured condoms.

Buy GLYDE Wholesale Condoms Online

If you would like to start with 100 GLYDE Wholesale Condoms, you can buy them here. Please use the contact us page if you have any questions.