Are You a Shower or a Grower?

Are You a Shower or a Grower?

Posted by Kenny Condom on Nov 02, 2015

Some men choose the wrong size when they buy condoms. If your condom is too small, it can break. If it is too large, it can fall off. Either of these outcomes can result in an STI or an unwanted pregnancy. There is plenty of “wiggle room,” but you should make sure that your condom fits you correctly.

Why People Choose the Wrong Sized Condom

Wrong Size Condoms

The main reason many choose the wrong size is because they estimate their size when they are not erect. Penises usually fall into two categories: shower and grower. A “shower” is pretty much the same size whether or not you have an erection. In other words, you “show” your goods in the beginning. A “grower” can more than double in size when it becomes erect. Males who are “growers” often buy a condom that is too small, putting them at a higher risk of breaking it.

Easy Solution

Luckily, there is an easy solution. Always size your condoms relative to the size of your erect penis. If you don’t feel like measuring, a standard condom is 52 mm in circumference. A lot of men will start with the standard and then move to a smaller or larger condom as necessary.

How do You Know Your Condom has the Right Size?

You can either measure yourself or you can guess at your size and “experiment.” We recommend knowing your size. If you want to buy condoms from us online, we make it easy for you. All you have to do is look at any condom on our website and click the picture of any condom. You will be taken to the product description page. That will tell you the circumference of your condom.

In addition, we allow you to choose condoms by size via the menu on the left side of the page.

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