9 Million Condoms Were Distributed at the Rio Olympics

9 Million Condoms Were Distributed at the Rio Olympics

Posted by Kenny Condom on Aug 15, 2017

When we started selling wholesale condoms online in Australia, we fulfilled some large orders right away. But nothing we have ever done is even close to what was done in Rio last year for the Olympics. A total of approximately 9 million condoms were distributed at the Rio Olympics last year.

Condoms were first given out at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988. 8,391 athletes participated and 8,000 condoms were distributed to the athletes. That was slightly less than one condom per athlete. This has obviously increased over the years. In Rio, 450,000 condoms were distributed to the athletes. That works out to 42 condoms per athlete over a 17 day period.

Rio 2016

According to Dr Adele Benzaken, a Brazilian Ministry of Health employee who oversees the Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV-AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, The reason so many condoms were distributed in the Olympics is that the Ministry of Health wanted to communicate “in a very open and direct way about sexual matters.”

The Ministry of Health recommends that anyone having casual sex or sex in a casual relationship use a condom to prevent HIV-AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. But last year for the Olympics, concern over the Zika virus was in full force.

We have no idea how many of those 9 million condoms were used, but we hope everyone concerned had a lot of fun. It sounds like Rio 2016 might have been the best Olympics ever for spectators and athletes.

The condoms were inventing machines in the Athletes’ Village, they ended up giving away $350,000 male condoms and 100,000 female condoms. 175,000 sachets of lubricant were also given away in the Athletes’ Village.

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