Pjur AQUA Lubricant 100mL

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Pjur AQUA Lubricant 100mL

Water-Based. Silky & Never Sticky Pjur® AQUA Water-Based Bottle. A premium water-based lubricant.

The quality speaks for itself. The “Excellent” rating given by "Stiftung Warentest", an independent German consumer and product testing organization, affirms the outstanding mucus membrane tolerance and microbiological quality of Pjur® AQUA.  Its gentle and high-grade formula is fully absorbed by the skin, leaving an exquisite silky feeling.

Pjur® AQUA moisturizes and is never sticky. It is free of petroleum, oils, and perfumes, making it extremely gentle to your skin and mucus membranes. Pjur® AQUA's ultra soft and long-lasting formula nourishes and protects dry, damaged skin.

As a CE-certified medical product, it is safe and recommended for daily use. A superior quality bodyglide with excellent lubricating and skin care properties. Whether for everyday intimate enjoyment or regular body care: Pjur® AQUA water-based lubricant always feels good.

  • 100ml Gives additional moisture wherever needed
  • Latex condom-safe
  • Long lasting
  • Extra slippery
  • Fragrance-free, Oil-free, Fat-free, Stain-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Tasteless

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