Discreet Packaging

CondomSales takes your privacy very seriously.  We understand that sometimes you don't want others knowing the contents of what arrives at your door.

That's why, when you shop with us we will always ship your order discreetly, with no reference to our site or the products purchased on the outside of your package.  Simple!

We mostly use plain Standard and Express post satchels but also plain packaged boxes for larger orders.

Discreet Packaging Private Condoms

(:1f539:) How do I buy condoms discreetly?

You can buy your condoms here in Australia very discreetly. Your condoms will be shipped in plain packaging straight to your front door or to your local post office. Just put a note in your order for the postie to leave a card in your mailbox. Discreet, anonymous, private!

(:1f539:) Where to buy condoms discreetly

Get your condoms sent discreetly and privately from here in Australia. Always plain packaging - see here for more details on private packaging.

(:1f539:) Can I buy sex toys discreetly?

YES. You can have your goods shipped discreetly, anonymously, privately straight to your front door. Check this page for more information.

(:1f539:) How can I buy condoms without my parents knowing?

First of all you don't need a credit card to buy condoms online here. You can manually pay by bank transfer (EFT) if you prefer. In order to have your condoms shipped discreetly you can simply put a note in your order to say "Please leave a card for collection at post office". This means the package will not be left at your door for your parents to find. Then you can collect it when you're ready.