Bulk Condoms

Never want to run out? Don’t leave protection to chance. Buy condoms in bulk to ensure you’re ready for every encounter to be as safe as it is sensational. Whether buying for your own intimate moments or commercially, buying in bulk is the smarter way to keep your inventory and bedside table stocked.

Condoms are firstly about safety. And when used correctly are a safe and reliable protection against STIs and pregnancy. That’s why we carry the best, trusted brands with the largest range in Australia including Ansell, Four Seasons, Glyde Health and Durex.

From ultra-thin for a barely-there feel, to latex free for those who need it, we have sizes and styles to suit your needs. Making sure you have a choice on what feels good for you so you can focus on the moment.

And let’s not forget your carbon footprint. When you purchase in bulk, you’re reducing packaging waste and your carbon footprint. It's a win-win for your escapes and the planet.

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Can you buy bulk condoms in Australia?

Yes. Bulk boxes of 100 - 144 condoms can be bought in Australia from a trusted source like CondomSales, who stock all the main condom brands like Glyde Health, Ansell, Four Seasons, Durex and more.

Are there any bulk condom suppliers?

Yes. In Australia you can find a bulk condom supplier with a solid reputation, best pricing, and excellent customer service.

Can you bulk buy condoms?

Yes. Glyde Health offer bulk condom boxes in quantities of 100 in a variety of colours and flavours. Ansell and Four Seasons also offer various bulk condom varieties in boxes of 144.

Can you bulk buy Skyn condoms?

The Ansell Skyn variety of non-latex condoms come in retail boxes of 10 and 20 only. These can however be purchased with huge savings when buying larger quantities. All of the Ansell Skyn retail condom packets are wholesale packed in cartons containing 720 condoms. Buy a carton then you are getting bulk discounts.

What are the benefits of buying condoms in bulk?

Purchasing condoms in bulk is economical as it significantly reduces the cost per unit compared to buying individual packs. It's convenient for ensuring that you have a ready supply without frequent shopping trips, and it's environmentally friendly since bulk purchases typically involve less packaging per condom.

How do bulk purchases affect the cost per condom?

Bulk buying can dramatically decrease the price per condom, as sellers often offer discounts for larger purchases. This cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred option for many users who seek both value and quality.

What varieties of condoms are available in bulk?

Bulk orders can include a variety of condom types, such as lubricated, non-lubricated, ribbed, ultra-thin, and flavoured. This variety ensures that users can maintain a selection that caters to different preferences and occasions.

Can I mix different types of condoms in a bulk order?

We offer the flexibility to customise bulk orders, allowing customers to choose a mix of different condom types and sizes within a single purchase, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

How are bulk condoms packaged?

Bulk condoms are packaged in large quantities within discreet, simple outer packaging. Each condom remains individually wrapped for hygiene and ease of use, ensuring that safety and discretion are maintained.

Is there a minimum order quantity for bulk purchases?

The minimum order quantity for bulk purchases starts from 100 or 144. However the maximum quantity can vary depending on the supplier and the specific product line.

What are the delivery options and times for bulk orders?

Your purchase order will be shipped within two business days. The delivery times can vary based on the geographical location and the specifics of the order.