The Woman Who Gave Up Men To Sleep With 20 Ghosts!

The Woman Who Gave Up Men To Sleep With 20 Ghosts!

Posted by Kenny Condom on Dec 27, 2017

Maybe you’ve seen the film “Ghost”? Patrick Swayze is a banker. Demi Moore is an artist, and the two are madly in love. Only problem is Patrick dies. So they have to get it on in a paranormal way.

Well, they have nothing on Amethyst Realm (any bets this isn’t her birth name?). Amethyst Realm is an English woman who claims to have got in the biblical way with not one, but multiple poltergeists.

It may seem the stuff of (bad) movies, but the woman’s quite serious—even appearing on UK TV to tell her story. Realm explained to presenters she hadn't even been with another man after having an affair with a spirit in her home while her fiancé was at work.

You might be thinking if the fiancé has ditched her, he’s also dodged a whole lot of crazy in his life, and you’d be right. “I think it (the ghost) was in love with me too and it wanted me to end the relationship,” she says. So she did. Her first phantom romance lasted 3 years… before… dying a natural death.

Ghost Sex, Amethyst Realm

Her love (after) life

Since then she’s been getting a bit of a reputation in the spirit world, with (at last count) over 20 lovers. Ghosts could very well be queuing up to “meet” her.

It would be nice to know if she’s practicing safe sex. Of course the life shortening threat of AIDs may not be an issue for the already dead, but still who would want to catch a PSTI (Paranormal Sexually Transmitted Infection) for all eternity?

But perhaps people are too quick to judge. Women everywhere are held to a double standard, as so rightfully pointed out by Twitter users who have jumped to her defense.

If she has sex with 20 ghosts people call her a ghost slut but me being a man, if I have sex with 20 ghosts I get high fives. I’m sick of the double standards and ghost slut shaming,” said one user.

#MeToo and dead famous people

You also have to wonder though, how long it is before she joins the chorus of #MeToo with claims of celeb ghost sexual harassment? Will the late departed John Belushi ask her to join him in a shower? Will Elvis appear in a sparking 70s jumpsuit and start masturbating? Will Lou Reed take her for a walk on the wild side?

Stay tuned.

A monogamist at heart

Realm’s not interested in playing the field, but wants to settle down with a ghost she can call her own. How can she tell the difference? “You can always feel the difference, it's the same with different humans, they have different energies,” she says.

Once you go ghost you never go back...

If you’ve had a similar experience, remember your partner is never too LATE to be prepared.

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