Why Were These Condoms Confiscated at a Bali Airport?

Why Were These Condoms Confiscated at a Bali Airport?

Posted by Kenny Condom on May 24, 2016

We make it so easy for people to buy condoms online in Australia that we sometimes forget how difficult it can be in other parts of the world. Recently, Kim Gates, Executive Director of the Northern Territory’s AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC), was taking a shipment of 720 condoms into Bali for an HIV organisation there.

Condoms Confiscated at a Bali Airport

To her dismay and surprise, Ms Gates was detained and the condoms were confiscated by Bali customs agents. The reason: condoms are considered to be pornographic material in Bali. Ms Gates was concerned about this development because of the increase in new cases of HIV in Bali.

According to Ms Gates, this development affects Australia, also. Apparently, a number of Australian men regularly visit sex workers while in Bali. Without condoms, they can bring HIV back with them and expose their unwitting partners to it.

The spread of HIV hasn’t been confined to gays and sex workers, as many people think. There is a considerable rise in the number of heterosexuals who aren’t sex workers, contracting HIV, too.

What it Means to You

Ms Gates recommends that if you are going to Bali, bring your own condoms. We recommend wearing condoms for all casual sex. If you have a partner for exclusive sex, it is still wise to use condoms, not only as birth control, but for your own safety. Eventually, you and your partner can get tested for all STI’s and stop using condoms once you are “safe.”

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