Why is This Prom Dress Made of Condoms?

Why is This Prom Dress Made of Condoms?

Posted by Kenny Condom on May 26, 2016

Prom Dresses

We always love to see people thinking out of the square and finding creative uses for condoms. This particular creative use for condoms went viral online in the US.

In Omaha, Nebraska, USA, two dress shops fashioned prom dresses made of condoms to raise awareness for safe sex. The dresses were prominently displayed in the shops, both of which rent prom dresses.

The latex prom dresses aren’t for sale, though. In lieu of a price tag, there is a message: “Being safe is always in style. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancies.”

Why We Like It

First of all, we totally agree with the message. We think teens should be aware of the dangers of unprotected sex. The simple act of using a condom can prevent both STI’s and unexpected pregnancies.

Second, we love creative use of condoms. For example, a condom can be used to store up to two litres of water in an emergency. Soldiers in World War II used to wrap their gun barrels with condoms to keep them from getting wet.

For those who love sports, they have been used as soccer balls in Mozambique and as fishing bobbers. They can be used as a stress ball or to take a stubborn lid off of a pickle jar.

But the most creative use of all was by a man who used 18,500 condoms to build a 32 metre bungee cord and jumped off a bridge with it. He said he was “90% sure it would work.”

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