Which STIs Are On The Rise In Australia? Ask Google!

Which STIs Are On The Rise In Australia? Ask Google!

Posted by Lexi Abner on Aug 31, 2020

What do you do when experiencing uncomfortable symptoms “down there”? Rather than go straight to the doctor, you probably turn to Google for a diagnosis first. And this is exactly why Google search data is an excellent indicator of the occurance of STI infections in Australia.

So What Are The Most Common STI's In Australia?

Collecting real-time data from Google search of STI names and typical symptoms shows that chlamydia, HIV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhoea and HPV—are the six most common STI's.

What Google Trends Says About Each STI

Google search data traces trends in search for each disease separately across Australia.

Take chlamydia. How’s interest in that? Let's consult Google Trends.

Chlamydia Search Statistics (Australia)

You can see the ups and downs over time.

Australia And State Trends for STI's

Nationwide search queries are up (as at August 2020) suggesting an overall increase in chlamydia Australia-wide. But Google also breaks this info down by region. 

So if you want to see, say, Queensland’s data—it’s all there. 

Chlamydia Search Statistics (Queensland, Australia)

At the moment, there’s a drop in interest in Queensland, bucking the overall trend. This indicates possibly fewer new cases in the sunshine state.

Give Google Trends A Go Yourself

Syphilis? Herpes? You can check it out yourself at Google Trends. The dynamics of the search data is it indicates rises or falls in specific STIs in your area. Google has its detractors—the amount of private data big platforms are tracking can be worrisome, but in this case the availability of up-to-date stats can help to spread STI awareness by placing valuable info at your fingertips.

Yes, you probably should always use condoms, but if there’s a general increase, then perhaps it’s time to stock up on extra protection?

The Best Protection Against STIs Are Condoms

Sure, it's condoms (unless you practice abstinence). If you’re looking for the best selection of bulk condoms of various brands, check them out here.

Always easier and cheaper to buy in bulk, right?