Which Countries Have the Biggest Penis Size?

Which Countries Have the Biggest Penis Size?

Posted by Shane Filer on Jul 25, 2018

You’ve all heard the clichés. African men have the biggest penises

Asian men are tiny and European men have nothing to be particularly proud of either.

Well the research is in, and there is a definitive answer. So how do you hang globally?

The truth is laid bare in this chart.

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GROUP ONE (3.8-4.6 in.) GROUP TWO (4.7-5.5 in.) GROUP THREE (5.6-6.2 in.) GROUP FOUR (6.3-7.1 in.)

China, 4.3"
India, 4"
Indonesia, 4.6"
Iran, 4.6"
Iraq, 4.5"
Japan, 4.3"
Korea (N), 3.8"
Korea (S), 4.3'
Malaysia, 4..4"
Philippines, 4.2"
Singapore, 4.5"
Taiwan, 4.2'
Thailand, 4"
Vietnam, 4.5"

Afghanistan, 5.3"
Algeria, 5,5"
Australia, 5.2"
Canada. 5.5"
Ethiopia, 5.3"
Finland, 5.4"
Greenland 5.4"
Ireland. 5"
Mongolia, 5.0"
New Zealand. 5.5
Pakistan, 4.8"
Portugal, 5.2"
Romania, 4.9"
Russia, 5.2"
Spain. 5.5"
Turkey, 5.5"
Ukraine, 5.5"
United Kingdom, 5.5"
United States, 5.1"

Argentina, 5,8'
Austria 5.6"
Belgium. 6.2"
Belize, 6.2"
Bulgaria, 5.9"
Chile, 5.3"
Costa Rica, 5.9"
Croatia, 5.8"
Cuba, 6.2"
Denmark, 6"
Dom, Rep, 6.2"
Egypt, 6.2"
France, 5.7"
Germany. 5.7"
Greece, 5.8"
Guatemala, 6.1"
Honduras, 5.9"
Leland, 5.7"
Israel, 5.6"
Italy, 6.2"
Mexico. 5.9"
Morocco, 5.9"
Netherlands, 6.2"
Nicaragua, 6"
Nigeria, 6"
Norway, 5.6"
Poland 5.6"
South Africa, 6"
Sweden, 5.8"
Switzerland, 5.6"
Zimbabwe, 6.1"

Bolivia, 6.5"
Brazil, 6.3"
Colombia, 6.7"
Congo, 7.1"
Czech Rep, 6.3"
Ecuador, 6.9"
Ghana, 6.8"
Haiti. 6.3"
Hungary, 6.5"
Jamaica, 6.4"
Lebanon, 6.6"
Panama. 6.4"
Peru, 6.3"
Puerto Rico, 6.3"
Sudan, 6.4"
Venezuela, 6.7"

This global survey of penis size was conducted by the University of Ulster-Northern Ireland to find out if there was any truth to the myths, and it discovered generally speaking, the clichés to be correct.

The average erect penis is approximately 5.5 inches long.

How do Aussies Stand Up in Penis Size?

If you’re an Australian male, you might be a little disappointed to see that Australia is in the bottom half of the world globally. With an average size of 5.2 in – you hang a little below the global average, but cheer up, fellas, you’re not too far off!

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