Where to Carry Your Condoms (Hint: It’s not your wallet)

Where to Carry Your Condoms (Hint: It’s not your wallet)

Posted by Lexi Abner on Mar 16, 2019

You know how it goes…

Sex is on the table. Perhaps literally.

You know the importance of safe sex and reach for a condom from your wallet… but hang on a minute!

Although its handy—your wallet may not be the best place for condoms to be stored.

Adverse heat, moisture, friction and light conditions can negatively affect the quality of a condom and make it less effective.

Think about it. Wallets are stored right next to your body and that means absorb the body heat you produce. When condoms are subject to heat for prolonged periods the latex can grow weaker, increasing the risk of breakage. Then throw in friction as you walk, sit, get up, and take notes and coins in and out. It’s not looking good is it?

Proper Condom Storage

Condoms are best kept in cool, dry spaces away from direct sunlight and sharp objects. Your best bet is to store them at or below room temperature.

Creative Ways to carry Condoms

A bedside table is ideal, but okay, you have to carry some around. A spare compartment in your man bag/messenger bag would be fine, but what are some other creative ideas?

Where to carry your condoms (hint: it’s not your wallet)

Glass Cases

Glass cases rarely draw attention. You’ve probably got a spare case lying around. If not, pop on eBay. They’re dirt cheap. You can easily keep a bunch of condoms in a hard or soft case. Just don’t keep glasses in there too..

Breath Mints

It’s common to carry breath mints. Many of them come in tins or plastic containers that shut tight. A great secret place to keep a condom. Private, unassuming. Just avoid letting your co-worker go through your bag in search of a breath mint fix.

Laptop Carrying Case

Yeah we are all geeks today. Good news is most laptop bags are packed with pockets and zippers. You can easily hide your condoms in a laptop bag so long as you don’t add the laptop while the battery is still not.

Cigarette Case

These used to be popular back in the days when it was cool to smoke. You can still find old-fashioned flat cigarette cases in vintage shops or online. Pretty cheap too—as they aren’t much use for anything other than storing a condom or two.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure your condoms are not out of date. They have expiration dates, and if that deadline’s passed, it is not safe to use—so throw them away.

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