What is Spinifex? Why Does it Mean More Jobs and Better Condoms?

What is Spinifex? Why Does it Mean More Jobs and Better Condoms?

Posted by Kenny Condom on May 25, 2016

As a high quality condom supplier in Australia, we make it a point to keep on top of all news regarding condoms. Thanks to the University of Queensland, we all got great news recently.

The University of Queensland is working with indigenous rangers near the small town of Camooweal, near the Northern Territory-Queensland border. The job: harvesting native spinifex grass to help manufacture the thinnest and strongest condoms in the world.


Spinifex is a prickly, spikey grass that was a well-kept secret, used by the Aboriginal community to help craft hunting and gathering implements. Recently, though, University of Queensland researchers decided to research it for more contemporary uses. It was found to have long fibres that can dramatically increase the strength and durability of both plastic and rubber fibres.

According to Colin Saltmere, the Managing Director of the Dugalungi Aboriginal Corporation, spinifex has been used for thousands of years to make implements such as chisels, spears and flatware.

Researchers at the University of Queensland began testing spinifex in condoms to make them stronger and thinner. Some are even calling the results “super-condoms.” Currently, researchers are getting an increase of 20% in strength and burst pressure and an increase of 40% in the burst volume.

According to Professor Darren Martin, their findings are so impressive that many of the major condom manufacturers are showing what he calls “serious interest.” Professor Martin feels that we will see spinifex condoms on the market within three years.

How Spinifex Creates Jobs

Nearly 30% of the Outback is covered with spinifex grass. Mr Saltmere sees the recent research as an opportunity to create a permanent spinifex farming industry. This could provide thousands of jobs for indigenous people.

What it Means for Condoms in Australia

It could be up to three years, but spinifex condoms will eventually hit the market. Since we carry products from major manufacturers such as Glyde, Ansell and Durex, we will have them as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, be sure to order condoms from us online. Just find your favourite product and add it to your cart.