What Condoms are Actually Made Of

What Condoms are Actually Made Of

Posted by Kenny Condom on May 26, 2015

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To serve you better, we are working hard at making our blog a clearinghouse for information, making CondomSales our condom headquarters. In the coming months, we will be providing a lot of information and news about condoms. We will be answering common questions in a little more depth than the typical FAQ section.

And that brings us to our first question:

What are condoms made of?

While there are four popular materials, there are a lot of other materials. Unfortunately, most of the “other” materials are unproven. If you buy a condom from us, we want it to work, so we only carry proven materials.

The most popular material, by far, is latex. It is perfect for most people. Latex is reliable, versatile and can be manufactured to ultra-sensitive specifications. It is the perfect material for condoms because it provides maximum protection against STD’s and maximum birth control. It combines durability and sensitivity when manufactured correctly. Latex is the preferred material for condoms across the globe.

For those who are allergic to latex, we carry a synthetic version of latex called polyisoprene. Polyisoprene performs almost exactly like latex but people who are allergic to latex can use polyisoprene with no allergic reaction.

Other Materials

There are two other fairly popular materials that we don’t carry. The first is lambskin. Lambskin is great because it provides “natural feel,” but it has small pores. Lambskin is adequate for birth control but the pores are too large to protect you from STD’s such as herpes and HIV.

The other somewhat popular material is polyurethane. Polyurethane is great for making bowling balls or finishing deck boards, but it doesn’t really make great condoms because it is not as stretchy as latex.

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