Top 5 Women's Sexual Fantasies

Top 5 Women's Sexual Fantasies

Posted by Alena Filer on Sep 27, 2018

Men and women are different, but we are all first and foremost sexual beings. As author Anaïs Nin once wrote: “I want to do things so wild with you that I don't know how to say them.” We’ve complied 5 of the top sexual fantasies for women she may have had in mind when writing that.

1. More Than One Partner

No, no, no… men don't rush out and gather up all your buddies in the mistaken assumption that your girlfriend wants to engage in group sex immediately! (Unless of course she tells you she does).

Group sex was popularized centuries ago by the Romans, so it’s likely ingrained in our sexual DNA. There’s a sense of liberation that goes with being naked in front of others who are equally vulnerable that is for both sexes exceedingly erotic.

2. Public Sex

Dark alleys, public bathrooms, movie theatres, parks… perhaps it is the thrill of getting caught? Sex in a public place is not only a popular fantasy among women, it's the most common one to be acted upon in real life.

3. Dominate Someone

Spank him, do whatever you want to him, make him beg for what he desires (and you know it’s you). Being dominated is also a female fantasy, let’s be honest, one thought lurking in the back of most women's minds is to also dominate a man. So why not mix it up a bit next time—next time flip the coin on domination and taking control?

4. Rough Sex

It’s un-PC to say "rape fantasy" yet in many studies that's exactly women call it. So let’s call it what it is (remember the key word here is “fantasy”). There’s a range of things this can include from being pinned down like a helpless butterfly, to the more “Shades of Grey” style BDSM. Just keep in mind a fantasy is not always a true reflection of what women desire in real life.

Top 5 Women's Sexual Fantasies

5. Lesbian Sex

While having lesbian fantasies doesn’t mean you are gay, it does mean you have a lot in common with other women. A Journal of Sexual Medicine survey found as many as 42% of women confirmed this as a top fantasy.

It makes sense: women have a big advantage of knowing how the female body works, what they like, and so are going to be more knowledgeable about how pass that on to other women.

Guys and girls, life is certainly quite short, and if you have fantasies, then maybe it’s time to start talking about them with your partner? You may find out you have more in common than you think.

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