Top 5 Male Fantasies

Top 5 Male Fantasies

Posted by Alena Filer on Sep 18, 2018

Male fantasies. (Don’t worry, we’ll be discussing women’s fantasies next time).

It’s a favourite topic of surveys, so we’ve collected the top 5 from various studies around the world.

1. Unattainable Women

From the moment you discover the opposite sex you also discover unobtainable objects of desire. Who they might be is probably generational. Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate fantasy woman to men who grew up in the 50s, while for a 90s teen and it might have been Twin Peaks' Sherilynn Fenn… today… Jennifer Lawrence, perhaps. One of the top male fantasies is that unobtainable person. The one you can't have, but would in a flash if you could. And it doesn’t have to be a star. The woman just out of your reach at the office… or the girl next door. The cheerleader, the nurse or the librarian. Those who are off-limits are all the more enticing.

2. Voyeurism

No, we don’t mean peaking in windows. Peeking Toms aren’t sexy. But “I just like to watch” could be. Many men fantasize about watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with a stranger… or their best friend. Filming it perhaps? Take it as a complement girls… the guy finds you so hot he’d like to just watch you having sex… and maybe join in a little?

3. Like a Virgin

Having sex with a virgin is another common fantasy. We all remember our first time… so you gain some sense of remembrance… but dig a little deeper. It’s not just a once-off fantasy. Many men fantasize about teaching someone about sex. There’s a sense of power to this… of having someone look up to them as a teacher and discovering themselves. Maybe that’s why "Shades of Gray" was so popular?

4. Multi-partner sex

Yawn! Yes, threesomes… two guys and a girl… two girls and a guy or some combination thereof. It’s the predictable response that an incredible 75% of men (according to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine) desire. So why then do so few people actually act upon it? Fear? Difficulty discussing? Logistics?

The stat drops back a bit when you ask women (though it’s still a respectable 56.5%).

Guys, it suggests that if this is a big fantasy for you… why not just go ahead—ask your partner? Maybe she has a friend?

5. Public Sex

If you’ve even causally checked out online porn (and hey, let’s be honest that’s 95% of people), then you’ve probably come across (no pun intended) the popular “Czech Streets” videos. These usually consist of an off-camera guy approaching a “random” girl in Prague and offering her money to “show him something”.

Usually she obliges and the transaction results in pubic sex… in a park… or a… uh... street. Hence the name.

It sums up a common male fantasy: sex in public, possibly while people watch. Why’s it so popular? Because it’s taboo.

Maybe it shouldn’t be. We encounter some pretty unpleasant things in public in our lives… violence… arguments… accidents… litter… wouldn’t a little public sex here and there liven the world up? Problem is then it would no longer be taboo, and consequently so much less desirable.

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Tune in next time for the top 5 women’s fantasies!