The Pros and Cons of Sleeping Separately

The Pros and Cons of Sleeping Separately

Posted by Alena Filer on Oct 24, 2018

Do couples that sleep together, stay together? Is sharing a bed with your partner necessary for maintaining a happy, healthy and passionate relationship? Well… not necessarily. While sleeping in the same bed is considered a traditional bedroom arrangement that undoubtedly has advantages, it’s not an obligation nor a universal key to happy ever after. 

In fact, up to 1 in 4 married couples prefer spending the night separately in their own bed(room) as opposed to in the arms of their loved one, and it works perfectly fine for them. Why, you ask?

Here are the main reasons:

The Pros and cons of Sleeping Separately

1. No more snoring, kicking and other bothersome things

Does he snore so loud he wakes the neighbours? Does she suffer from a restless leg syndrome, moving around like a bug on its back half the night? Or insomnia perhaps? One or two nights of poor sleep are usually not a problem but if these issues repeat every single night and nothing seems to help, it might be time to part beds after kissing goodnight.

2. Blanket thief?

Stealing the blanket and leaving the other cold and shivering is common when sharing the bed. Yes, you might try and trick your sleeping partner into giving some of the blanket back or use two smaller blankets. Nevertheless, couples sleeping apart don’t have to deal with this problem, and as a bonus, there’s always enough room in your solo bed!

3. Different sleep habits

Two people often have different needs. Some want to watch TV before going to sleep, others like to read a book. Room temperature, the properties of the mattress or the thickness of the blankets can be subjects of arguments. This applies to windows as well - do you prefer open or closed? In your own room you can create your own sleeping environment. Selfish, but good for sleep.

4. Clashing work schedules

Maybe one of you works night shifts and comes back home at 4.30am while the other has to get up soon after. If you both fall asleep again easily this shouldn’t be an issue, however, if that’s not the case you’ll sure end up sleep deprived.

5. Excellent quality sleep = more energy

Let’s be honest, the best possible sleep is only guaranteed when you have all the bed to yourself. No one stealing covers, trying to kick you off the bed or getting up to go to the bathroom numerous times every night. Remember, it’s a lot easier to be intimate when you’re not sleep deprived! So sex can actually improve sleeping apart.

Whether you and your partner sleep in the same bed or spend the night apart, remember, bed is not the only place where you can get intimate.

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