The Pill and Condoms - Great Bedfellows!

The Pill and Condoms - Great Bedfellows!

Posted by Kenny Condom on Feb 26, 2018

Once upon a time there was one method of birth control. It was called the pull out method. It worked some of the time. For people born before the 1960s—there’s a good chance you could be the result of a failed pull out.

Today, there are plenty of methods available to choose from. The question is—should you choose two? Birth control and condoms for example?

The pill and condoms—great bedfellows!

No contraception method is 100% foolproof. 

By doubling up you’re getting as close to 100% as can be.

To some degree it depends on what you and your partner want and need. If you look at the numbers success rates vary a bit and depend on how effectively you use the contraception in question. Once you’re familiar with the numbers, you need to ask are they okay with you? Are you okay with something around that 2% in-one-year chance of pregnancy? If you are, then fine. If not, then doubling up should pretty much wipe away that 2%.

Condom Benefits

Of course pregnancy may be the main reason to use the pill. Condoms on the other hand have many other pros.

While a pregnancy can certainly impact your life in a permanent and ongoing way, your health can also be impacted by the sometimes long term effect of sexually transmitted infections. Only condoms can significantly reduce your risk of STIs.

Many young people especially, immediately stop the use of condoms once they have another method of contraception… is that wise?

Again it will vary from person to person. Your lifestyle will have a lot to do with that. A number of sexual partners makes the dual use of the contraceptive pill (or other contraceptive) plus condoms all the more appealing.

So what to choose?

It’s worth pointing out that while two methods are better than one, no matter what you choose, there is always some risk, no matter how small. That's life. If you do not live yourself in a bubble, be prepared for a small level of risk. If you’re totally freaked about the risk of pregnancy or STIs that no amount of contraception feels enough, it's pretty likely your stress is going to stop you enjoying sex (which is, after all the whole point, right?). Plus, by the time you’ve taken a pill, put in a diaphragm, and got a condom ready, your partner will have left the room.

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Condoms and the pill. The buddy system is best!