The Millennial Sex Recession

The Millennial Sex Recession

Posted by Lexi Abner on Feb 19, 2020

It’s a boom time for sexual freedom. Condoms are widespread. So is birth control and the morning-after pill. Grindr and Tinder promise casual sex on demand. Sex toys and kink are mainstream, and you can get every type of lubricant imaginable.

But millennials are having less sex.

What The Stats Say About Sex

Data shows they’re having around 50% less sex than their parents. 40% of millennials aged 18—24 have never had sex, while another 15% have it only once a month. Compare this to their 40-49-year-old parents: 30% of whom have sex once a month. Around 66% of 30-year-olds have sex once a month. This data comes from an Australia Talks survey of 55,000 Australians.

Why Millennials Aren’t Having Sex

The Millennial Sex Recession

Sex researchers, psychologists, economists, sociologists, and therapists, have put forward many theories for why there’s a millennial sex recession. These vary from a consequence of social media culture, economic pressure, high anxiety rates, psychological frailty, widespread antidepressant use, dropping testosterone levels among western men, widespread pornography, obesity, and smartphones.

The fear is young people are losing the ability to interact face to face. “Communicating with potential dates via text means young adults are missing out on tone, body language and human contact that comes with meeting in real life,” Sydney sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer says.

"On the one hand, technology has enabled us to be more open about sex and have access to more information and to more people that we can meet, and we can watch people having sex, and some of that stuff is great… but that technology is also preventing some young people from making those real, quality human connections, where you can have quality sex and love making that is life enhancing," she says.

Condom Maker Wants Australian Millennials Yo Have More Sex

It’s even impacting condom sales leading Four Seasons Condoms to launch an in-pack education kit. Each pack has three sizes of condoms, lubricant, female pleasure gel and a vibrating toy.

The pack was created in collaboration with Hellyer. It also contains 52 ice breaker cards to help parents begin a conversation with their adult children about the world of dating and understand the benefits of a healthy sex life.

“Young people are facing more barriers to sex than ever before. Increased social media is depriving them of real human connection and usage can contribute to feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression,” says Michael Porter, the sales and marketing director at Four Seasons Condoms.

The Relationship Between Sex and Health

If young people skip the crucial phase of sexual exploration - a phase involving not only flirting, kissing and sex, but also dealing with inevitable heartbreak - they may find themselves unprepared for the challenges of adult life,

While a fulfilling sex life may not be 100% necessary for a good life, research suggests it contributes to one. The relationship between sex and health goes both ways: The happier you are, the better your sex life is, and vice versa. The opposite is equally true. No partner - sexual or romantic - can be both a cause and an effect of unhappiness

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