The Effectiveness of Condoms Compared to Other Contraceptives

The Effectiveness of Condoms Compared to Other Contraceptives

Posted by Kenny Condom on May 20, 2015


When purchasing condoms online, one of the most common questions everyone wants answered is “how effective are they?” There are really two issues here: STD prevention and birth control. Here is a look at both. Remember that all of these numbers are for “perfect use,” meaning you did everything right every time.

STD Prevention

Here are two things we can say for sure about condoms and STD’s. Condoms usually work and no other method of birth control does. Male condoms provide the most protection, followed by female condoms. Diaphragms, which are a predecessor to the female condom, provide some protection. But the bottom line is that nothing is as good as a male condom at preventing STD’s.

Birth Control

Condoms used by themselves are 98% effective. When a spermicide is added, they are 99% effective. A female condom alone is only 95% effective. Spermicides alone are only 85% effective. Even a cervical cap is only 91% effective, and that’s if the woman hasn’t had children. If she has, it goes down to 74%.

Are there other methods more effective than condoms? Yes. But they involve surgery or drugs that can have some nasty side effects. For example, an IUD that secretes a drug called Levonorgestrel provides 99.9% efficacy. Side effects can include nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and vomiting. Do you really want your partner to suffer possible side effects like these every day?

Patches and pills can also provide protection slightly higher than 98%, but they all carry side effects, including some that increase the risk of cancer. You or your partner can have surgery if you want. A vasectomy is 99.9% effective while a tubal ligation is 99.5% effective. But do either of you want to go through all of that pain and expense when a simple condom can provide 98% protection and adding spermicide boosts it to 99%?

The Choice is Clear

Condoms are reliable, have no side effects and protect you and your partner from STD’s while providing birth control. Make the right choice and check out our products page before you leave.