The Condom Challenge: This Year’s Ice Bucket Challenge?

The Condom Challenge: This Year’s Ice Bucket Challenge?

Posted by Kenny Condom on Oct 13, 2017

Condom ChallengeWe are creative and have been been providing condoms online for a long time now. We have published articles about creative uses of condoms here, but even we didn’t think of this one. Some time ago the online community came up with a ritual called the “condom challenge.” So, how does the condom challenge work?

You and a friend fill a condom with water until it looks like a huge water balloon. You sit down and your friend stands directly above you with the water-filled condom. Then, the friend drops the condom on your head. When it works the way it is supposed to, the condom covers your entire face while the water collects below and outside the face.

The next step is to remove the condom from your head. This usually involves you getting wet as the condom breaks. This started to go viral on Twitter at the end of 2015, with a small “break” for Christmas.

The viral attempts have taken place in bathrooms and especially in showers. We say “attempts” because a lot of people had the condom burst before it actually got all the way around their heads. If social media is any indication, the “failures” are even funnier than the “successes.”

Do Your Part

We encourage anyone who thinks it sounds like fun to take part. Just make sure that you don’t let the condom stay on your head long enough to interfere with breathing. We recommend a “safe gesture” that means “Take this condom off of my head right now.”

But First, You Need Condoms

You will definitely need condoms. That is a perfect opportunity to try ordering some from us online. Feel free to browse and look through our selection. All of our condoms are chosen for their durability and reliability. So you are less likely to have a “failure”—in regular use or in the challenge.