The Best Time to Have Sex Isn't at Night

The Best Time to Have Sex Isn't at Night

Posted by Lexi Abner on Jan 23, 2019

Sex is a heavily researched topic. Scientists have found among other things, regular sex lowers your blood pressure, improves sleep, boosts your immunity and relieves stress.

But about timing? Does that matter at all? While some people like to make love in the morning, others prefer sex at night. Is there a "best" time to get the most out of sex?

According to researchers, the answer to the question is yes. Certain times of the day are indeed more optimal.

Morning Glory for Guys

Men tend to crave and initiate sex in the morning. They have more energy after a good night’s sleep and due to a peak in testosterone levels in the early to mid-morning, men wake up aroused. Therefore, they are more capable of a better sexual response at this time of the day.

According to scientists, the optimal time for waking up is around 6.45am and the best time for morning sex is approximately 45 minutes later - around 7.30am.

The Best Time to Have Sex Isn't at Night

And Women?

Women, on the other hand, have the lowest level of their daily testosterone in the morning with a minimal increase by the evening. Nevertheless, more significant changes in testosterone do occur monthly for women: the most prominent increase happens around ovulation which naturally results in higher sex drive.

Fitness & Sex

Working out together can be a good idea too - one leading to great sex with your other half. Why? Because the human body pumps out the crucial sex hormone - testosterone - during a workout.

A study conducted by the University of Texas compared women’s reactions to erotic material after a 20-minute bike ride, revealing that blood flow to their genital area was 169% higher after exercise.

Afternoon Delight

Hormone expert Alisa Vitti believes that around 3pm is the best time of day to make love. “Afternoon delight” is the time when men and women are most in tune with each other’s desires due to hormones. Women have elevated levels of cortisol in the afternoon which increases their energy and helps alertness. At the same time, men show higher levels of estrogen. This results in men being more emotionally present during sex and ultimately leads to greater pleasure on both sides.

But hey, don’t let science dictate you when to have sex. And if you and your partner have different personal preferences when it comes to the (naughty) time of the day, talk about it openly and don’t be afraid to compromise or occasionally surprise her/him.

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