STD’s On the Rise in the US: Don’t Let it Happen Here

STD’s On the Rise in the US: Don’t Let it Happen Here

Posted by Kenny Condom on Aug 03, 2016

As vendors of condoms online across Australia, we feel we are providing a great service. We allow people to choose from a wide variety of condoms and lubricants from the privacy of their own homes. Our prices are competitive and your condoms arrive in plain, unmarked satchels via Australian Post. There is nothing on the outside identifying the product or

STD Prevention

We like what we are doing because we are preventing unwanted pregnancies and STI’s for a lot of people who may feel uncomfortable buying condoms in a store. But a recent article about the rise of STI’s in the US makes us feel even more steadfast in our belief that we are providing an essential service: keeping Australia safe.

In the US, chlamydia is rising at an alarming rate. US studies have been conducted by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies in the states of Alaska, Texas, South Dakota and Missouri in recent months. All of the studies conclude that chlamydia is rising at an alarming rate.

In the US, people from 15-24 years of age are the most likely to be infected but people of all ages can contract chlamydia and other STI’s. So, why is this happening?

Lack of Education

The US is involved in a morality play in which many of their cities and states don’t allow sex education and encourage “abstinence only.” Children aren’t learning what they need to do to prevent STI’s and are finding out on their own. The baby boomer generation, meanwhile, are ignoring what they have learned and many seem to think they have such wonderful taste that nobody they choose to have sex with could possibly be infected.

Don’t Let it Happen Here

If you have sex with one partner and don’t need birth control, use condoms until you can both see a doctor and make sure you are STI-free. If you have multiple partners, always use a condom. Don’t leave your health to chance when the solution is as easy as clicking the “buy now” button.