Soya Bean Condoms?

Soya Bean Condoms?

Posted by Kenny Condom on Apr 30, 2018

You love a great soya latte. But are you ready for soya condoms?

That’s exactly what two students from the University of Guelph in Canada have in development—soy-based condoms which might be great for those with latex allergies—not to mention being potentially kinder to the environment!

Animal biosciences students Chloe Quilliam and Ashley-Ann Rutherford were among the winners in this year’s Project SOY taking home $2500 for their entry: soydoms. The competition (full name: Soybean Opportunities for Youth) aims to find new uses for soy).

"We basically made a rubber compound, and we put it on a glass former like any other typical condom would be made, and then we heated it and let it cool down and it just really worked out well," Quilliam said.

Soya Bean Condoms

They came up with the innovative idea for the condoms during the previous year's competition, and it took a year working on the project to perfect the process.

"There's nothing really on the market that is both vegetarian-based, eco-friendly and allergy friendly," Rutherford added.

Price-wise soydoms would sell for only slightly higher than standard condoms made from other materials, such as latex.

As they’re made of natural substances they will break down quickly in the environment once disposed of, and offer relief for anyone allergic to latex.

There are still a few teething problems... so you can’t just rush out and buy them just yet!

The main issue is because they're fully organic, soydoms currently have a shelf-life of only three weeks—much less than standard types. Safety and reliability are key factors to be assessed and tested.

"We still have a long way to go until we have a full product ready for market," Quilliam said, but the students have received some interest from big name companies.

The aim is to use the $2,500 they won in Project Soy to refine the condoms and create a saleable product in the future.

Who knew soya could be so sexy?

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