Should I Wear Smaller Condoms?

Should I Wear Smaller Condoms?

Posted by Shane Filer on Aug 09, 2018

It won’t do you much good to practice safe sex if you’re using a condom that’s too big, or too small.

Today condoms come in all colours, shapes, flavours and... sizes. It’s possible you’re not even aware of the sizing options since traditionally condoms have been made one-size-fits-all. It’s not just a new marketing ploy either… there are solid reasons to choose condoms not based on your favourite brand, but on size.

A condom that’s too big can slip off. One that’s too tight can easily break. 

Both of these scenarios dramatically increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of STIs.

Should I wear Smaller Condoms?

Think Small

So are you thinking big when you could be better served aiming small?

Many men, of course, overestimate their size based on vanity. According to a recent review published in the British Journal of Urology International , the average flaccid penis length—from the base to the opening on the tip—is 3.6 inches, and 5.2 inches when erect. Circumference was 3.7 inches and 4.6 inches, respectively.

The circumference can be an important measure. It’s the most common reason for condom slippage. If you’ve got some extra room down the sides of your condom, you’ll need a slimmer fit.

Get measuring

It’s a good start to know your size. A flexible tape measure will do the trick.

You’ll find some manufacturers do list sizes which make choice easy. As a rule of thumb, if your penis circumference is below 4.6 inches you’ll find a condom to fit in our  smaller condoms section. Regular condoms will suit if your circumference is between 4.7″–5.1″. Guys bigger than 5.1″ should check out a large or extra-large condom.

Condoms are like coffee. You don’t order ‘a coffee’ anymore. Everything is custom fit to your needs. You buy a latte, or Americano—tall, grande or venti.

Start thinking about condoms the same way.

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