Sex Toys and You

Sex Toys and You

Posted by Lexi Abner on Oct 24, 2018

Picture this:

Your right mood music playing in the background. Whether it’s Barry White or Ariana Grande will depend a bit on your demographic. You’re in the mood. Your partner’s in the mood. You’re both in various stages of undress. Then out of nowhere someone takes out a …. sex toy.

Record scratch, followed by some confusion...

Sex and sex toys. How to combine them?

Talk, Talk, Talk About It

Avoid just throwing a sex toy into the mix with no warning. Sex toys can be a normal part of sex play, but as a rule of thumb not on the first date. They sure go back a long way. A stone phallus found in Germany dating back some 28,000 years is often touted as being the oldest known 'sex toy'. While this may or may not be the case, one thing is certain: the stone age Teutonic couple probably talked about it (or grunted) before bringing a stone dildo into the bed-cave.

Maybe your partner’s never encountered a vibrator, a rabbit, or a butt plug? It happens. Like most things in the bedroom, talking through what’s going on first avoids unwanted surprises, and doesn’t have to kill spontaneity.

Sex Toys and YouExperiment

Discovery can be part of the fun. Of course you can go online and watch porn stars ‘demonstrating’ various sex toys, and youtube has many actually informative videos and guidelines about sex toy use, but there’s something to be said for just diving in the deep end and finding out what works best for you. It can be a turn on for men to watch a woman use a vibrator, but who’s to say the opposite can’t be true? If you’re a bloke a male masturbator toy may well turn your female (or male) partner on. Variety is after all the spice of life

The Joy of The Remote

“What do you want to use sex toys for? Aren’t I good enough for you?” Some might even view bringing sex toys into the bedroom in a similar way to inviting in a third partner. No one wants to feel left out or marginalised. The remote isn’t just for the TV. Putting your partner in charge of when you receive pleasure is a sure-fire, fun, way of getting everyone involved. And depending on the toy, you can always exchange roles at some point. Looking for adventure outside the bedtime? Vibrating panties, a visit to the mall, plus a remote.

Although sex toy surveys are scant, a study funded by Trojan brand sexual health products back in 2009 revealed almost half of Americans had at least used a vibrator at some point. Since then sales have only increased with mainstream publicity from Shades of Grey and other media. So you’re not in a strange minority—you’re in good company. Why not try a sex toy and bring another dimension to the bedroom?


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Sex toys and condoms can be surprisingly great bedfellows.