Safe Sex Facts from GLYDE Condoms

Safe Sex Facts from GLYDE Condoms

Posted by Kenny Condom on Sep 05, 2016

GLYDE Condoms come from one of our favourite companies: GLYDE HEALTH. GLYDE HEALTH is an Australian company that is not only dedicated to producing the finest condoms in Australia, they also refuse to use animal products, making their entire product line 100% vegan.

GLYDE HEALTH provides a lot of great facts and research on their site because they know an educated consumer is going to choose their products. Here are some fun facts about safe sex, courtesy of GLYDE HEALTH.

HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy

Safe Sex with Glyde Condoms

Other than abstinence, condoms are the safest way to avoid both HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. Advances in treatment have allowed people with HIV/AIDS to live longer, but the downside is that the reported number of infections is starting to rise, especially in Australia and the US. In many parts of SE Asia and Africa, the biggest rise in HIV infections is among heterosexual women.

Condoms are more than 99% effective against both HIV infection and pregnancy. If the right size is selected, they are even more reliable.

Other STI’s

There are a host of STI’s out there, including genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and herpes. These can all be spread through mucous membranes, including the penis and the vagina.

Unprotected Oral Sex isn’t Always Safe

Herpes, which causes sores around the mouth and in the genital area, is easily spread by oral sex. The saliva goes through the mucous membranes. As many as 20% of sexually active people here in Australia are estimated to have herpes.

Use Condoms and GLYDE Dams

Condoms can be used to protect yourself during sex and GLYDE dams can be used to protect yourself during oral sex.

Be Responsible, Buy Condoms Online

If you want to be responsible and keep your chances of catching anything down, buy some condoms and dams from us online. We will ship them in discreet packets that don’t mention anything about condoms on the address, return address or anywhere else on the outside of the envelope.

Browse around the website. When you find a product you want, click “buy now” or “add to cart” and follow the prompts.