Safe Is The New Sexy

Safe Is The New Sexy

Posted by Lexi Abner on Jun 08, 2018

A recent survey from condom giant Durex has revealed that an astounding number of Australians are still engaging in unsafe sex. The independent study commissioned in 2018 showed 52% of Australians do not use protection. The study questioned 1,000 sexually-active Australians aged 16 and over.

Talk talk!

Durex Sexologist, Juliet Allen says the results show it’s time to bring communication back to the bedroom. “Being open, honest and authentic before, during and after sex is essential. This includes having healthy conversations about STI’s and the use of condoms.”

Another revelation in the study is that close to 30% of Australians surveyed don’t bring condoms on a date because they don’t want to seem “too presumptuous” and 50% admitted that they didn’t bring up the use of condoms during sex for fear of “ruining the moment”.

“Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment,” Allen says, “but there’s nothing sexier than an individual who can confidently communicate what they need and desire to feel safe and protected during sex.”

Safe is the new sexy

Why is communication in the bedroom important?

According to Allen it gives you an opportunity to talk openly about key topics, including:

  • What you enjoy or don’t enjoy?
  • How you do or don’t experience orgasms?
  • What your boundaries are?
  • What sex means to you?
  • How you enjoy sex being initiated?
  • And finally— STI’s, contraception and condom usage. It’s essential to be clear on these topics in order to avoid later confusion.

Although it’s best to have these conversations before sex, it’s also never too late to start the conversation at any time.

Communication, talking about your needs and how you feel is totally essential for a healthy and connected sex life. A really sexy partner is one who can confidently explain what their needs are... physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Safe is the new sexy!

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