Myths About Condoms Debunked

Myths About Condoms Debunked

Posted by Kenny Condom on Jan 29, 2016

As an online condom supplier in Australia, we tend to hear a lot of questions about condoms from time to time. Over the years, we have realised there are some common myths about condoms that need to be set straight. Here are the “best” of them.

“You Get Less Pleasure With Condoms”

Condom Myths

It may seem like that in the beginning because you don’t have experience with condoms. You may even feel reduced comfort at first. But ultimately, most condom users rate the pleasure of their sexual experiences as highly as those who “ride bareback.”

And there is one comfort condoms bring you that unprotected sex doesn’t: the comfort of knowing you won’t contract an STI or have an unwanted pregnancy. Which brings us to the next two myths.

“Condoms Won’t Protect Against Unwanted Pregnancies or STI’s.”

According to US Doctor Raegan McDonald-Mosley, who is the Chief Medical Officer at Planned Parenthood, correct use of condoms provides a 98% success rate of protection against unwanted pregnancies and a 98-99% success rate of protection against STI’s, including HIV.

Condoms Break too Easily

On the whole, most correctly used condoms don’t break. At CondomSales, we are very picky about the brands we sell, such as Ansell condoms or Durex condoms. As long as you take care of your condoms and use them correctly, they are highly unlikely to break, as seen by the success rates above.

Condoms are Too Expensive

Condoms are among the cheapest forms of birth control, but they are among the most effective. Most of all, condoms don’t have side effects. Even those who have allergies to latex have the option of ordering non-latex condoms. Sometimes, you can even get free condoms if you can’t afford them.

It’s the Man’s Responsibility to Provide a Condom

It is the man’s responsibility, but it’s also the woman’s responsibility. Be responsible for your own health, no matter what gender you are. If you don’t want the risk of STD’s or unwanted pregnancy, make sure you have condoms on hand.

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