Lockdown Love Tips

Lockdown Love Tips

Posted by Aaron Curran on Apr 02, 2020

Is it cold-hearted to be focused on your sex life in the time of a pandemic?

The world doesn’t seem to think so, given how sex and hygiene questions are trending now.

We think sex is a fundamental way to connect during a time of increased isolation and stress, and that it’s important to share pleasure and relieve anxiety together. But we do need to know and practice the best and safest ways to enjoy ourselves in lockdown.

Without a vaccine or full body condom, there’s no avoiding the fact that you need to stay a few metres away from anyone new for at least 14 days, to ensure no symptoms manifest. The new social isolation legal restrictions are a tougher incentive again. So when we’re talking about sex right now, we’re talking about those sharing the same household, or those alone. In each case, we’ll deliver what you need.

It you’re confined in your home with a partner or friend that doesn’t have any symptoms and is unlikely to have had recent exposure, this is a fantastic opportunity to experiment together. But all the usual rules still apply during an epidemic. To avoid pregnancy and STIs, make sure you have the condoms you need and the accessories you want. Looking at the months ahead, bulk condom packs are the most economical and sensible choice. Female condoms too are becoming very popular.

Kissing needs to be reconsidered, as saliva is the key carrier, and is probably your biggest risk unless you are completely isolated. That may be as unromantic as having to stop and wash your hands for 30 seconds before foreplay but think well about both. While there’s no evidence yet that the virus is present in genital secretions, there is of oral-fecal transmission, so it is safest to use condoms and dental dams for oral and anal sex.

In lockdown, “you are your safest partner” but you don’t have to be alone. Your focus could be on sexting, video-calls, or mutual masturbation. Accessories will help too.

The best way to keep sex toys clean? Just soap, water and a good wash, which continues to be the mantra for this epidemic.

Not many countries have yet released official statements on safer sex recommendations for this epidemic but we’ll keep them monitored and share what we see, like the New York City Health Department’s recent sex guidance statement.

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