How to Put on a Condom Correctly

How to Put on a Condom Correctly

Posted by Kenny Condom on May 14, 2015

Condoms are the greatest invention since the wheel. Now that you can get them online throughout Australia, they’re even better. Condoms are 98% effective, but only when used correctly. Then again, when you are excited, it can be hard to remember how to put a condom on correctly without plenty of practice.

So here’s the easy way to put on a condom correctly, no matter how caught up you are in the moment.

Check the Expiration Date

This is one you may want to plan beforehand. Throw out condoms on or before their expiration date.

Open Carefully

Don’t use any sharp objects and make sure you don’t damage the condom with a ring. Don’t use your teeth, either. Save them for later.

Right Side Up

Especially if the condom is lubricated, make sure you have the right side up or out. The reservoir tip should be pointing away from your penis.

Are You Circumcised?

If you are uncircumcised, pull your foreskin back before you put the condom on.

Tips Ahoy

Put the condom over the tip of your penis. Make sure you can feel or see the tip and make sure to leave space for the semen to go.

Just a Pinch

Pinch the end of the condom to force the air out. This makes your condom a lot less likely to break when you ejaculate.

Both Hands, Please

We know you want to get it on as soon as possible, but use both hands to make sure your condom goes on correctly. Use one hand to secure the condom at the head of your penis and the other hand to roll the condom to the base of your penis. Make sure to roll the condom all the way to the bottom of the shaft.

Extra Lubricant

Use a little bit of water-based lubricant, even if the condom is already lubricated. It will help keep the condom from breaking and can increase sensitivity.


Enjoy having safe sex. But be sure to hold your condom at the base of the penis when you are pulling out to make sure the condom comes along. When you are finished, be considerate and tie a knot in the condom to keep everything inside.

Are You Ready Yet?

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