HIV-Killing Condoms Coming Soon

HIV-Killing Condoms Coming Soon

Posted by Kenny Condom on Jul 02, 2015

* Update 21/09/2015 - Ansell Dual Protect Condoms now in stock here *

We have been selling Ansell condoms online in Australia for a long time. They are one of our favourite brands, with a wide assortment of products. Recently, they got the OK to start selling condoms that kill 99.9% of herpes, HIV and other STI viruses.

The condoms were developed by an Australian biotech firm called StarPharma. StarPharma has developed a gel that is used to coat Ansell’s Dual Protect LifeStyles condom. The gel is called VivaGel.

The condoms had to undergo months of testing to finally gain their Conformity Assessment Certificate (CAC). The CAC is awarded by the government’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA).

Condoms are not 100% Effective

Despite everything manufacturers have done, condoms are not quite 100% effective in preventing STI’s such as HIV. A condom can break due to manufacturer’s error. It can break due to improper storage. It can also fall off due to “operator error.”

While none of this happens often, the Ansell and StarPharma agree that a gel which topically kills STI-causing viruses can help stack the odds against STI’s. If a mistake does happen, a condom that is coated with a gel that kills STI’s makes it much less likely that the mistake will cause someone to catch an STI.

Why We Like VivaGel and Ansell Teaming Up

This is the first condom of its type and both the condom and gel were developed right here in Australia. We are glad to keep the money going to companies that are located in Australia and proud that our scientists are working so hard to help promote the safest sex this side of abstinence.

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As soon as we get the logistics taken care of, we will make Ansell Lifestyles DualProtect condoms available for online purchase. In the meantime, please be sure to browse our selection of high quality condoms. We have condoms for all preferences: ultra sensitive, extended pleasure, ribbed, vibrating, studded and even glow in the dark condoms.

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