Going Viral: The Condom Challenge

Jan 20, 2016

How does the condom challenge work?

  • Fill a condom with water until it looks like a huge water balloon. 
  • Sit down and have a friend stand directly above you with the water-filled condom
  • Drop the condom on your head.
  • Laugh.

The result should be that the condom covers your face while the water collects at the bottom. You remove the condom by breaking it and you get wet.

We recommend doing this in the shower, bathroom or outside. Also make sure that you don’t let the condom stay on your head long enough to interfere with breathing. We recommend a “safe gesture” that means “Take this condom off of my head right now.” 

You will definitely need condoms to do this and you've come to the right place. Our premium condoms will enable you to successfully complete the condom challenge and shows just how durable they are.

Here is a perfectly executed example in slow motion!

Credit - Top Music 2016