GLYDE Female Condoms Let You Take the Lead

GLYDE Female Condoms Let You Take the Lead

Posted by Kenny Condom on Oct 17, 2016

If you are female and are concerned with safe sex, it can put you in a difficult position sometimes. You can’t depend on men to be responsible all of the time. Besides, men don’t carry purses, making it more difficult for them to be responsible if something happens in the “spur of the moment.”

Luckily, there is finally a way for women to make sure the sex is safe: GLYDE Female Condoms. GLYDE Female Condoms have taken Australia by storm, especially the newest version, the Femidom FC2.

Female Condom

The GLYDE Femidom FC2 is a nitrile polymer, non-latex sheath which is soft and transparent. It is the same length as most male condoms, 17 cm. It has a flexible ring at each end. You insert it into your vagina before intercourse and it will protect you from both STI’s and unwanted pregnancies. The inner ring is used to secure the device during intercourse and assist with insertion. The softer, outer ring stays outside of the vagina.

The GLYDE Femidom FC2 creates a safe barrier between the penis and the cervix, vagina and external female genitalia. It is odourless, strong and hypoallergenic. You can use the GLYDE Femidom FC2 with water-based lubricants or oil-based lubricants.

But here is the biggest advantage of all over a male condom: you can insert it up to eight hours before intercourse. Male condoms have to be put on while the penis is erect and can result in the loss of sexual spontaneity. Because it doesn’t depend on male erection, it doesn’t have to be removed right away, either.

The GLYDE Femidom FC2 is designed and manufactured to feel natural and doesn’t feel the least bit constricting or tight. Since the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the female condom is the only new protective device that has been invented.

Most of all, the GLYDE Femidom FC2 is the only device available that allows you to make the decision about protection.

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