Fun Uses for Condoms Besides Sex

Fun Uses for Condoms Besides Sex

Posted by Kenny Condom on Sep 20, 2017

Fun Uses for Condoms Besides Sex

As the premier vendor of condoms online in Australia, we like to keep up on all things condom. One of our more fun things to research is what people are using condoms for besides sex. We never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity people display when they have condoms sitting around doing nothing.

What’s Cool in New York?

In New York, a growing number of people are using condoms over their bicycle handles as grips.

Hello? Hello?

Condoms also make great smart phone covers. Don't go out in the rain without a condom over your smartphone.

Making an Underwater Video?

Condoms make great microphone covers when shooting an underwater video. They let sound in and keep water out. Be sure to use the non-lubricated kind, though.

Safe Swimming in South Africa

If you ever go to South Africa, there is a fish called the candiru that is attracted to the smell of blood and urine. A condom will keep them away.

ID, Please…

At numerous engineering colleges in India, traditional harassment of underclassmen is alive and well. Freshmen are asked to put a note describing personal details, a passport size photo and a pubic hair inside of a condom. They are required to show it to seniors when asked for their ID.

Drug Smuggling

This is one case in which the television shows get it right. People put quantities of drugs in condoms and swallow them to smuggle them across International borders. When they get to the other side, they simply stick their fingers down their throats.

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