Fun Facts about Penis Size: Be Surprised

Fun Facts about Penis Size: Be Surprised

Posted by Kenny Condom on Nov 14, 2014

One of the great benefits of ordering condoms on the Internet is that you don’t have to worry about your penis size being made public. It seems the only people who are proud to buy condoms in a retail store are those who need an XL or a “Magnum” size. However, the facts about what constitutes “average” penis size may surprise you.

Some Random Statistics about Penis Size

The length of a stretched penis usually reaches its final growth point by the age of 16. Circumference usually reaches its maximum at age 18. When you are 14, your erection will be approximately 70% of what it will be as an adult.

If you think you have a “small” penis: take heart. A small penis increases more in size during erection than a larger one does. In other words, they tend to “even out” when erect.

In Australia, approximately 42% of the men have a penis length between 16 cm and 17cm. This can range from 12 cm to 23 cm. The country with the longest average length is Nigeria, with 17 cm. The shortest is Korea with 12.7 cm.

Here are the results of studies in a few countries.
Nigeria came in the largest at 17cm in length and 134 mm in circumference. African-Americans were next at 16.6cm in length and 125 mm in circumference. Caucasian Americans were next with 15.8cm in length and 123 mm in circumference. Australia was next at 15.7 cm in length and 132mm in circumference. Korea was last at 12.7cm in length and 113 mm in circumference.

Taking Measurements

The first time penises were reported to have been measured in an erect state in a laboratory setting was in the 1930’s. In a Thailand study, sex workers were used to measure size with paper tape. A stiff strip of cardboard was used in Korea.

The Australian study actually provided pre-training for participants on modelled penises before they took their own measurements. Australian studies start their measurement 1cm away from the body because it is the closest to how a condom is fitted.

Condom Size

Studies indicated that 80% of men preferred a condom which was 52mm in width. Thus, 52mm became a standard size. Since the wrong size increases the possibility of breakage, many men go with the standard size instead of experimenting to find the right size.

The regular size for an Australian condom is 54cm wide, compared to 53cm in the US. This proves that Australia is superior to the US. Have fun checking out our selection.