Condoms in Venezuela Cost $1047 for a 36-pack

Condoms in Venezuela Cost $1047 for a 36-pack

Posted by Kenny Condom on Nov 16, 2015

Condom Prices

So, do you think it’s expensive to buy condoms in Australia? How about spending $1047 for a 36-pack in Venezuela? That’s right: $1047 in Australian Dollars for 36 condoms. That’s $29.08 per condom. Assuming that you would use two on any given night, that’s $58.16 added to the cost of a date that goes the way you want it to.

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The Great Condom Crisis?

It’s extremely difficult to even find condoms in Venezuela right now, as many stores have empty shelves due to an economic crisis. Worse yet, people are still having sex, but are less likely to use protection, causing a spike in STI’s and unwanted pregnancies.

In Venezuela, you aren’t going to buy condoms online. You are going to have to go to a number of stores until you find one that has condoms on their shelves. Meanwhile, at, you can buy condoms online from anywhere in Australia. They will be delivered to your door in discreet packaging. All you have to do is browse around the site, decide what you want, add it to your cart and check out.

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