Condom Supply Affected By COVID-19

Condom Supply Affected By COVID-19

Posted by Danny Achurch on Mar 22, 2020

How Long Before Condoms Run Out?

There are no scare tactics intended here but we like to keep our customers informed about the state of our business during these unprecedented times. Like many health and hygiene products, you'll have noticed condoms are now becoming scarcer on shop shelves.

Not only that but here at CondomSales we may soon be forced to cease trading as lockdown appears almost imminent, Australia-wide. We are still not certain about how Australia Post and freight companies that we rely on will be impacted in the weeks ahead as "non-essential travel" kicks in.

For now though we are extremely confident about successfully filling orders and will update our customers as the situation evolves.

Condoms Are Selling Fast

Today we have seen sales triple following further significant announcements this morning from Canberra. For now we have a steady supply of condoms but we cannot predict how long that will last.

We DO NOT intend to create fear or panic for our customers and DO NOT encourage hoarding but if you are in short supply it might be a good time to get what you need for the months ahead.

In the meantime, from all of us here at CondomSales, stay well and play safe!