Can You Make a Profit with Wholesale Condoms?

Can You Make a Profit with Wholesale Condoms?

Posted by Kenny Condom on Oct 31, 2016

We supply wholesale condoms to individuals, businesses, not-for-profits and advocacy groups across Australia. Not-for-profits and advocacy groups use them to protect people who may not otherwise be protected from STI’s such as HIV. They can also help keep people who don’t have a lot of resources from the burden of unwanted pregnancies.

Condoms are so effective for both STI prevention and birth control that most governments, from a local to a national level, place condoms at the centre of any program to prevent STI’s or unwanted pregnancies.

Whether it’s an individual, a not-for-profit or a business trying to make money, the biggest benefit of buying condoms in wholesale is the price. In big enough quantities, the savings can be as much as 70% over what it would cost to buy over the counter in quantities of ten. For those who want to sell condoms in quantities of ten, that can represent a margin as high as 70%.

How You Can Profit

Wholesale Condoms

We see two great ways to make profits off of condoms: adding condoms to a brick and mortar business that you already have or selling condoms online like we do. We are the largest retailer of condoms online in Australia.

If we sell you wholesale condoms and you sell them online, we aren’t really going to lose any money. You will find different customers than we do and actually expand our business because we are supplying your condoms. In fact, it’s almost like you are an independent contractor selling our condoms for us. We make money and you make money. Everybody’s happy.

If you sell condoms as an “add-on” to a brick and mortar business, it is a nice extra income stream. Do you sell your primary product to a sexually active demographic? A lot of businesses that cater to active, healthy people may be perfect for selling condoms as another revenue stream.

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